Cream of the Crop

The Access Magazine Club is very proud to announce the release of our first issue of Cream of the Crop! This magazine was created from start to finish by Access students with the guidance of their teacher Brittany Ajroud.

Creating a magazine turned out to be a long creative process. The first day of class student editors were chosen and the class made a list of categories that are typically included in a magazine such as travel, music and food. They then split up into small teams and brainstormed ideas for articles within their chosen topic. So, for example, the music team decided to write an article on Tunisian rap and the revolution and the food team wrote an article titled “Table of Ramadhan”. Students then spent a few weeks researching in the computer lab and conducting interviews. They interviewed the rapper Jason Levine, the German painter Thomas Gebauer and Fakhri Fourati of Sfax el Mezyana.

Once their research was complete, students started writing their articles and did several peer-edits before a final edit was done by their teacher. With the articles complete, it was time to start creating the pages using basic software such as Microsoft Publisher and Paint. They selected the name Cream of the Crop, which means “best of the best”. They presented a preview of the magazine at the Year End party and now are ready to present their final work.

Drum rolls please….

Presenting the first issue of Cream of the Crop! []


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