T-shirt Design Competition

Looking for talented designers among our Access students!!!

This competition is open to all Access students to design their favorite T -shirts. Please submit your designs by March 31.

Voting will take place from April 1 to April 16.

Community Service: Raising awareness about Autism

On February 3rd, Access students went on a field trip to ERRAHMA Association for Autistic Children. During the visit, the staff of the association set an informative meeting for the Access students and staff where they explained everything related to Autism and offered various brochures to students to help them understand the different types and repercussions of this medical condition. They also showed them around and gave them the opportunity to meet and interact with some Autistic Children.
Students were quite keen on finding out more about this disability and understanding the characteristics related to this neurobehavioral disorder.

At the end of the visit, Access students offered the association educational materials to use with the kids and left with a determination to raise awareness about Autism.
As a follow-up activity, students were asked to think about ways to demystify this disease among their friends and families for a better acceptance and integration of these kids in society.

Martin Luther King Jr

On February 5th, Access students in the Magazine club tried to commemorate the beliefs and views of the American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. Students were divided into groups and each group opted for a different and ingenious means to communicate their utter disapproval vis-à-vis the issue of Racism on the one hand and their commitment to raise awareness about the residue of segregation and discrimination in modern society on the other . Hence, Some students prepared banners that call for peace and unity. Others resorted to writing : they wrote songs , statements and short paragraphs that depict their dreams of living in a world reigned by peace and tolerance .

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Access Show


On February 26th, Access Students in the Public Speaking Club  performed  2  “Reality Shows”  that put in the limelight the different issues and topics they encountered in  the previous sessions.

The first show dealt with the issue of Violence. Students tried to present scenarios that fit the aforementioned theme.

The second show, on the other hand, dealt with the issue of Racism in schools particularly. Each member tried to highlight the numerous acts of discrimination and segregation that some non-native students face each and every day.

On Sunday February 19th, Saida Sfaxi, the ELT Coordinator at the US Embassy in Tunis , and Natalie Monkemeier, the EFL Fellow, visited the Access classes in action at Schooling Plus.
During this visit, our visitors did a story telling session  followed by activities. Students listened and discussed the Stone Soup story ‘s lesson: give a little to achieve a lot.

Access Kick off Conference

Access coordinator and teachers took part in the Access kick off conference in Tunis on February 11th and 12th.
Schooling Plus Access coordinator Dr. Emna Ben Arab did a presentation entitled : “Access:Thinking outside of the textbook” in which she emphasized that Access is all about the 3Ts:
✔Thinking outside of the Textbook
✔Teaching differently
✔Tutoring in a threat free environment

Valentine’s Day

On February 19th, Access students decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way. Decorations were set and put all over the walls and students were very excited to learn and share the feelings and thoughts they had towards their loved ones.

What rendered the occasion quite special is the amount of love and affection each student tried to exhibit  while writing about their emotions on a paper and posting them on the board.

Access Teachers’ Professional Development Program

As part of our Access teachers’ professional development program,  Hanen, Fatma and Sonia took part in a series of training sessions that included 2 virtual workshops conducted via Google hangouts and 1 virtual meeting with Schooling Plus partner educator on January 31st and February 1st 2017.
These sessions are designed to prepare Access teachers to  the YouthTalk (YT) program, a Bridges of Understanding Foundation and Global Nomads Group initiative whereby Access students at Schooling Plus will be connected with students at a partner school in the US, through an online platform, interactive videoconferences, and a dynamic curriculum on cultural exchange, media literacy, and global citizenship.

Community service visit

Martin Luther King

On January 25th, the access students in the IT club wrote I have a dream poem