The Access intensive session

The Access intensive session  took place in the form of an American-style, multi-sensory, interactive and fun summer

Camp conducted by American university students. The five, half-day intensive assisted in the development of the students’ utilization and confidence in English, encouraged positive character traits and enhanced team building.

The daily topics built on character traits and included: honesty, perseverance, compassion, forgiveness, and responsibility. Each day the character trait was unpacked through a story and/or a modern day role model who embodied the particular character trait.

Each day began in a large group setting and included an ice breaker, songs and a video or skit.

Afterwards, the students were dismissed by teams to begin small group rotation which included; Learn It, Use It and Create It. Upon the completion of small groups, the students returned to the large group for a final review, a team challenge, songs and closing remarks.

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Independence Day


On July 4th, Access students learnt about the history of America’s independence day and the different celebrations of that day and  decided  to celebrate on their own way.  The idea was to prepare a cake that contains both the American and Tunisian flags. Students were super excited about it, for it was an opportunity to celebrate the American Tunisian friendship as well. Indeed, the cake was tasty and our American guests seemed very happy about the whole idea.

Schooling Plus Access Intensive session

More photos from Schooling Plus Access Intensive session!

The 2nd day of the Access intensive session

The theme of the 2nd day of the Access intensive session is PERSEVERANCE around which a number of activities were conducted:
– name game 
– songs
– memory bit “just keep swimming”
– story telling and class worksheets(learn it, use it, )
– art woakship
– small group rotation
– team time
– team challenge
– pasting workshop
– games

the Access intensive session

the Access intensive session starts today at Schooling Plus!
With More Than Words, our students started their first day in the summer intensive session. The English camp was animated by American native speakers who introduced the theme of the day ‘Honesty’, inspired from the saying of the 3rd US president, Thomas Jeferson :”Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom”
and did the following activites;
– ice breaker
– songs
– skits
– memory bits
– story and class worksheets: the boy who cried Wolf
– small group rotation
– team time
– team challenge.
Please enjoy the photos!

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Mother’s Day

On May 21st, Access students in the Magazine Club celebrated Mother’s Day in their own way. They seemed thrilled to have the opportunity to concretize their emotions and pour their feelings into handcrafted cards. The atmosphere was indeed filled with feelings of love, gratitude and utmost joy. Students were inspired by some videos and they eventually came up with amazing and heartwarming notes that they chose to dedicate to their moms on that special day.

Gender and terrorism

Access students have been part of the Youth Talk Program, a virtual cultural exchange program, since February. Access students from Schooling Plus and those from EricSmith  on worked « Gender and terrorism ».

Access students  launched an awareness program targeting primary school kids to anchor anti-terrorism values in them and contribute in protecting our new generation from religion extremism.

Access students visit a rural school in Sfax and offer more than a thousand books!

On May 4th, Access students visited the Mjedhba rural school in Jebeniana  in the suburbs of Sfax.  Access students  collected more than a thousand books (Arabic, French and English titles)  and donated them to the school’s Reading Club,  laying the foundation stone for the school’s  library.

In their visit, Access students were accompanied with younger school children to whom they explained the benefits of reading and of helping others find reading opportunities.

Being able to make a difference was indeed the main objective of Access students. They were, in effect, enormously thrilled to be able to leave a positive imprint.

This visit was covered by Radio Sfax and Diwan FM and was attended by the Regional Delegate of Education in Sfax 2.

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T-shirt designs

Please submit your designs from May 14 to May 26:

1. Lamia ben Ammar:


2. Wassim Zribi:


3. Amine Kammoun:

4. Nadia Sassi:

5. Ahmed chouchen:


T-shirt Design Competition

Looking for talented designers among our Access students!!!

This competition is open to all Access students to design their favorite T -shirts.

Please submit your designs from May 14 to May 26

T-shirt designs

Voting will take place from May 27  to June 2.

T-shirt Competition Voting 2017