Access students visit a rural school in Sfax and offer more than a thousand books!

On May 4th, Access students visited the Mjedhba rural school in Jebeniana  in the suburbs of Sfax.  Access students  collected more than a thousand books (Arabic, French and English titles)  and donated them to the school’s Reading Club,  laying the foundation stone for the school’s  library.

In their visit, Access students were accompanied with younger school children to whom they explained the benefits of reading and of helping others find reading opportunities.

Being able to make a difference was indeed the main objective of Access students. They were, in effect, enormously thrilled to be able to leave a positive imprint.

This visit was covered by Radio Sfax and Diwan FM and was attended by the Regional Delegate of Education in Sfax 2.

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T-shirt designs

Please submit your designs from May 14 to May 26:

1. Lamia ben Ammar:


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T-shirt Design Competition

Looking for talented designers among our Access students!!!

This competition is open to all Access students to design their favorite T -shirts.

Please submit your designs from May 14 to May 26

T-shirt designs

Voting will take place from May 27  to June 2.

T-shirt Competition Voting 2017

Make a difference on earth day ! 

People around the world hold events to honor our home planet and to remind  everyone about the importance of our ecosystem .

On April 23 ,Access students, as global citizens,shed light on the role of  education  to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and its unprecedented threat to our planet.  In fact , We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

Actually ,environmental and climate literacy is the engine not only for creating green voters and advancing environmental and climate laws and policies but also for accelerating green technologies and jobs.In this context ,Access students raise this slogan”Think green,Act green””

Movie Review

On April 23rd, Access Students in the Magazine club watched a movie called Alice in Wonderland. They were divided into 3 groups : the first group wrote a review about the movie , the second group worked on imagining a new and creative ending, and the third group decided to write an article about their own imaginary wonderland .

Earth Day

On April 30th, Access students in the Magazine club wanted to concretize their ideas and visions vis -à -vis the importance of protecting the environment. Their main idea was to make a tree out of paper that symbolizes nature and to write their beliefs and opinion on the leaves of the tree.

April Fool’s Day

On April 2nd , Access students in the Magazine club were involved in a discussion about April Fool’s Day. They  were quite queen about knowing the origin of this  international “event” . They read an article by David Johnson and Shmuel Ross entitled The uncertain origins of a foolish day that shows the historical origin of this event in different cultures and where did it presumably start first . Later on, they watched some funny videos about pranks pulled by teachers on their students .

ACCESS students celebrated Easter

Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide.It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death ,as written in the bible.
On April the 16 th , ACCESS students celebrated Easter. The students had an unusual lesson: they read and talked about the origin of the holy day, its history and significance for the Christians around the
 The students learned about Easter celebration traditions in English speaking countries. The learning and discussion process was accompanied by an enjoyable activity which is dyeing eggs .

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Access Students in the Youth Talk Program 2017

Intermediate Access students have been part of the Youth Talk Program, a virtual cultural exchange program, since February. During this program, IVCs have taken place at least once a month in which students discussed current local, national and international events.

On March 17th, they had the first IVC “Too many stories in one world”. Access students from Schooling Plus and those from Davisville met for the first time. They discussed some problems in their respective countries and shared some personal events. Their first virtual meeting ended with a song written and performed by students from the Schooling Access group.

“Building Multiple Perspectives” was the theme of their second IVC. With the help of their global timeline, students talked about events that helped shape their perspectives toward life. A discussion was raised about the local, national and international global timeline events and how they affected both pa

rtners’ lives.

Community Service: Raising awareness about Autism

On February 3rd, Access students went on a field trip to ERRAHMA Association for Autistic Children. During the visit, the staff of the association set an informative meeting for the Access students and staff where they explained everything related to Autism and offered various brochures to students to help them understand the different types and repercussions of this medical condition. They also showed them around and gave them the opportunity to meet and interact with some Autistic Children.
Students were quite keen on finding out more about this disability and understanding the characteristics related to this neurobehavioral disorder.

At the end of the visit, Access students offered the association educational materials to use with the kids and left with a determination to raise awareness about Autism.
As a follow-up activity, students were asked to think about ways to demystify this disease among their friends and families for a better acceptance and integration of these kids in society.